Registration and Order Procedures

【Step 1: Make your registration via “Google Form”】

  • Follow Simply Mask Facebook in order to receive the latest details on the upcoming registration date
  • Usually the notice about upcoming registration date will be announced via Facebook three days prior to the date
  • You are required to fill in your name as shown on your HKID, your mobile number as well as your email address for later notification

【Step 2: Stay alert with our SMS notification (SMS Notification will be sent out around 3 days before the assigned purchase date)】

  • A random draw will be carried out by Simply Mask internally to determine the sequence of order and its delivery time.   Customers will receive an SMS notification with access code to the website for proceeding payment when their orders are ready for dispatched

【Step 3: Visit Simply Mask website according to the assigned purchase date with your access code and registered mobile number】

  • Login to the website >> Pick your products >> Select the delivery method >> Make payment >> Receive the email notification
    (Maximum 3 boxes are allowed for each transaction , with one box for each color of each size)

【Step 4: Your order will be dispatched around 7 working days after your payment is confirmed】

  • You could place your next order 30 days after your last payment

(Please be noted that customers are required to complete your order payment according to the date assigned from our system as specified by the SMS.  No replacement date will be issued under any circumstances.  The reserved stock for you will then be transferred to the next customer on queue)